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These materials were developed in the scope of the "Kunstlabor Tanz" initiative (Art Lab for Dance) and are based on practical experience gained in the "TanzZeit" project.

Over the course of a three-and-a-half-year period, a development team made up of artists and teachers collected knowledge and experience regarding the practical implementation of contemporary dance projects in schools, systematised it and prepared it for transfer to the Calypso digital practice platform.

The development team members:

  • An Boekman
  • Hanna Hegenscheidt
  • Ulrich Huhn
  • Livia Patrizi
  • Felix Schulze

The implementation team was composed of graphic designers, programmers, print editors, radio editors, illustrators and filmmakers.

You can find more information about our Calypso further education programme on the TanzZeit website.

Some of these materials are also available in analogue formats. To receive more information in this regard or to share your ideas or feedback on Calypso, please feel free to drop us a line at

CALYPSO Material Consultants:

A number of experts from various fields as well as other dance mediators and teachers were very supportive of our work during the development phase and generously provided us with valuable input. This input was incorporated in the final material by way of multiple feedback loops.

Experts who provided advice on materials:

Regina Baumgart, Prof. Dr. Antje Klinge, Martin Kern, Susanne Stövhase, Andrea Marton, Dörte Wolter, Carina Stewen

Participating dance mediators:
Andreas Simon, Elena Kofina, Magdalena Meindl, Johanna Ackva, Ante Pavic, Caroline Meyer-Picard, Elisa Zucchetti, Francesca Patrone, Francisco Cuervo, Heide Weiss, Ilka Rothenhäusler, Iris Sputh, Natalia Torales, Sophie Camille Brunner

Participating teachers:
Martin Kern, Anka Rahn, Arne Schnack, Martina Multhaup-Gerz, Nanine Schulz, Anna Kuhnhenn, Martina Rosenkranz, Bruno Bullermann

Participating schools:
Erika Mann Primary School (Berlin), Fichtelgebirge Primary School (Berlin), Karl Sellheim School (Eberswalde), Erich Kästner School (Krefeld)

You can find practical information on how to go about initiating a dance project in schools, from the initial idea to the selection of the teaching format all the way to funding possibilities, at Kunstlabore (Art Labs) under the heading Tanz bewegt Schule (Dance Moves Schools).