getting to know one another Class Scan

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Read through the class scan before the project begins and use the questions to help you observe the class precisely over the course of the following three to four lessons.


Design the lessons in such a way that you are able to gather information on all of the aspects included in the scan. Record your observations after each lesson.

Class Scan

Friendships, hierarchies, individual needs – every class is different! The class scan helps you to observe the class in a highly nuanced way and get to know them better through targeted questions regarding learning and social behaviour, motor skills, motivation and inspiration. Your observations are an important basis for the ultimate design of the project.

Learning behaviour

How long can the class concentrate on a task?

Can the students work independently in groups?

Can they carry out task instructions for themselves and find creative solutions?

Social behaviour

How do the students treat one another? Is their typical mode friendly/respectful or more rough? Which “language” do the students speak?

How do girls and boys act towards one another?

Are there any cliques and if so, what kinds?

Can you spot any “thought leaders”? Which students tend to be more submissive? Are there any outsiders?

Motor skills

Which motor skills are well developed considering the age group? Which ones are comparatively less developed? Which ones are entirely absent, if any?

How much nuance do the students possess when articulating themselves physically?

Is the willingness to take physical risks homogenous within the class, or are there hesitant students that you need to be mindful of?

Who needs support with difficult movement sequences?

Energy and motivation

Are the students motivated and what is their stamina like? Are they capable of physical exertion and willing to engage in it, for a long time as well? How high is their energy level?

What is the relation between energy level and degree of motivation? (for example lots of energy but little motivation, or lots of energy and lots of motivation)


Do I feel inspired by the students in the class?

Which topics are the students interested in? Does the class bring particular topics to me?

If I’ve recognised special abilities or weaknesses and problems in the class: How can I incorporate both in my work and treat them thematically from an artistic perspective?