wrapping up Final Meeting

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Final Meeting

The dialogue between dance mediators and teachers in the final meeting closes the process begun with the planning meeting and continued with the reflection meeting. Having reached the end of the project, it is now time for you to look back on the entire progression of the project and take stock of your experiences. Did they correspond to your original expectations? Would you do anything differently now? And did you perhaps discover something surprising along the way? In addition to taking a look back, take advantage of the final meeting to discuss shared perspectives for the future too.

Project progression

Looking back, how would you rate the progression of the dance project?

Were there events which particularly moved or amazed you?

What insight have you gained from this project?


Did you reach all of your goals and were your hopes for the project fulfilled?

How did the students develop?

What will the students take with them from the project?

How was the presentation in your experience? Was the piece able to convey the thematic material that was important to you?

Have you filled out the "Summing Up" questionnaire?


Would you like to continue the dance project?

If not: what are the arguments against continuing?

What sort of support would you need as a teacher to be able to continue the project?

Can you picture yourselves working together to plan thematic content, design and carry out the extension of the project?