wrapping up


wrapping up

"I’m not so shy anymore."

Janine, 14-years-old

wrapping upA dance project is coming to a close. A long path with lots of creativity, hard work and a whole range of feelings lies behind all those involved. Now it’s time to cultivate an appreciation for this process one last time by wrapping up the project consciously together. Students, dance mediators and teachers have the opportunity to sum up their impressions ­­– in a conversation and by means of a questionnaire – and to take leave of one another.

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Final Meeting

In the last of their three meetings, dance mediators and teachers take stock. The conversation guideline helps in this connection and also turns attention to potential perspectives for the future.

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Summing Up

At the conclusion of the project, students, dance mediators and teachers can use this survey to look back and give their assessment of the entire development process for the project.

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