"It’s something a little different for a change, dancing with a girl... That’s something you need for later on in life too."

Marco, 13-years-old

co-operatingConstructive and benevolent co-operation between dance mediators and teachers at school forms the foundation of every project. A positive atmosphere in this regard is contagious and can catch on with the students and have a beneficial impact on the entire process. This healthy interaction has to be established at the beginning of a project. In approaching this, it is useful to clarify one’s own expectations and goals for one’s self first of all. Our conversation guideline can serve from there in carrying out the initial planning meeting.

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This self-survey serves to sound out one’s own experiences, needs and wishes regarding the dance project. It is primarily intended for dance mediators and establishes a foundation for the planning meeting.

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Planning Meeting

This conversation guideline gives suggestions for the initial planning meeting, where dance mediators and teachers meet for the first time and begin planning for their project.

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