What is a choreographer? -
"An architect of steps."

Lina, 15-years-old

choreographingChoreography is the practice of organising movement in time and space. But what characterises a successful choreography in a school dance project? The goal here is to find an appropriate creative expression for the complex system of a class, with all its relational structures and personally relevant topics. One’s own creative expectations combine with the specific needs and issues of the children and adolescents – the experiences they gather within the project culminate in a new form.

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Choreography in a School Setting

What is unique to realising a choreography in a school setting? Using video examples and specific questions, our quality criteria illustrate what is of particular importance for students when it comes to choreography.

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Presentation Options

How do we present our results? Descriptions and video examples show the wide range of possibilities available here, starting with a classic stage performance and proceeding to open rehearsals and performances in public space.

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Choreographic Travel Cards

The travel cards make the steps on the path of creating a choreography transparent and enable all involved to take part in the development process.

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