reflecting Feedback Culture

It all starts with you yourself. For this reason, remember to reflect regularly for yourself and perceive your own needs as well.

Take time to let a sense of calm manifest, since this will also carry over to your students too.

Feedback Culture

Giving and receiving feedback: we make efforts to establish feedback as a culture for all involved, but also as relates to our own perception. We understand this feedback culture as a circular system, since the actions of every individual always have an effect on the process as a whole too.Feedback requires a safe and defined framework as well as meaningful criteria. By no means is it always about making value judgements. Especially non-judgemental impulses can help to deepen awareness.

In this spirit, feedback is a recursive process that triggers awareness and enables experience.

Actively Shaping Feedback Culture

Click on the circles to discover the three levels of feedback culture.

Feedback Games