getting interested


getting interested

"Actually, I used to think dancing was stupid. But after the first dance class I was already looking forward to the next one."

Finn, 8-years-old

getting interestedA lot of students have few associations with contemporary dance, or often even none at all. How can we manage to get these children and adolescents excited about dancing, particularly right at the beginning of a project? We set off on a quest to find approaches that make kids feel like dancing and awaken their curiosity. Our book of famous choreographers shows the great variety present in contemporary dance and provides additional inspiration.

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Accessibility Concepts

How can children and adolescents begin to relate to contemporary dance? Using music videos, films and comic book heroes, we build bridges to the reality of their lives.

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Choreographer Book

These 15 portraits of famous choreographers provide an introduction to their lives, creations and working methods. The latter in particular can give you ideas for your own lesson plans.

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