"We learned a lot from them and they learned a lot from us too."

Gülcen, 12-years-old

reflectingTo reflect on one’s own actions and give others constructive feedback, these are both important building blocks for every dance project. Both practices sharpen our awareness and place the feelings of the individual participants in a collective framework. For this reason, dance mediators and teachers should take time at roughly the mid-point of the project to sit down for a reflection meeting and share their experience of the project to date. For the students, we’ve developed a questionnaire they can use to learn to evaluate their own behaviour and performance. And, last but not least, feedback can also take on a playful aspect.

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Reflection Meeting

Have expectations been fulfilled so far? Have any wishes remained open? In the middle of the project, this conversation guideline can give dance mediators and teachers the opportunity to look back and continue to plan ahead.

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This questionnaire gives students the opportunity to look back and evaluate their own performance and behaviour themselves. At the same time, dance mediators receive feedback in this way about the general mood concerning the development of the project to date.

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Feedback Culture

Feedback takes place on various levels between al parties involved in the project and represents a circular system. The feedback games give students the opportunity to express their feedback in movement instead of words.

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