co-operating Self-Survey

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The questions are designed to help you reflect. You can change their order, leave out individual questions and add your own – and then you can print out your personal version of the survey. 


All of the questionnaires in Calypso can be filled out online and saved in PDF format or printed. Of course, you can also print out the blank survey forms and fill them in by hand too if you prefer!


This self-survey tool is only intended for you personally and is meant to help you to gain clarity about both your own artistic interests and your approach and motivation for the mediation work. Here you can recognise your wishes and expectations for the project and reflect on previously gained experiences too. The self-survey lays a solid foundation for the planning meeting.

Biographical information

What sort of biographical background do I have? Which experiences have influenced me in particular in this connection?

What significance does my biography have when it comes to my interest in contemporary dance?

What other art forms am I interested in?

Personal conceptions about dance

When do I consider a movement sequence successful?

Which fundamental motor skills are particularly relevant in the context of dance training (for instance: strength, stamina, speed, co-ordination, posture)?

What does “presence” mean to me?

Mediation approach

What do I want to impart to students?

Do I intend to pursue an approach that is open regarding results or to fix the goal of staging a performance from the outset?

What are my strengths when it comes to mediation?

Mediation skills

Which of the following points do I consider particularly important in the context of dance mediation? analytical, goal-oriented and strategic thinking – evaluation and acknowledgement of students’ performance and achievements – empathy – flexibility and the ability to improvise – being able to set boundaries – the ability to receive and integrate criticism – passion – curiosity – non-verbal interaction – organisational talent – presence – the ability to reflect – self-confidence and self-awareness – the ability to work in a team – acting as a role model

Which of these points would I like to reinforce and deepen in my mediation work? How can I achieve that within this project?