tackling topics Dance, Self and Society

In contemporary dance, students can place themselves in relation both to others and to current socio-political issues. The Global Goals and the rights of children and adolescents can serve as conceptual orientation for the examination of such topics.


Things you can do with the cards:


combine them with different categories, for example:

self – interests shared with your counterpart – differences


combine them with cards from other focus areas. Take a look through the Choreographer Book in this regard too: for instance, in his pieces choreographer Alain Platel tells stories about people from diverse backgrounds that deal intensively with the problems involved in living together.


Choreographer Book


You can find ideas for developing assignments here.


Dance, Self and Society

In the focus area “Dance, Self and SOCIETY”, students devote their attention to socio-political topics that are either timely or relevant for them in a particular way. In doing so, they examine questions concerning the meaning of community, solidarity, mutual responsibility and social inequality.

One of the most significant characteristics of contemporary dance is its diversity in style and subject matter. Contemporary dance thus offers us a space to treat topics derived from the various lived realities of the students in a nuanced manner (including their social and political aspects) while incorporating them in the creative process.

In addition, the holistic nature of contemporary dance (encompassing the physical, emotional and intellectual) makes it possible to perceive the world “with all of the senses”. In the scope of their encounter with dance, societally relevant terms and topics become tangible for the students in a way that goes far beyond the rational acquisition of knowledge. Students can incorporate these experiential insights into the creative process and experience their own selves in constant relation to the selves of the others.

In a world in which political and social disputes are typically negotiated using reason, contemporary dance sharpens students’ perceptive abilities. Beyond that, it supports their ability to approach their SELVES and COUNTERPARTS with empathy.


Life reality






Living together


Common ground





Social surroundings