wrapping up Summing Up

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You can design the survey form however you like – you can add questions, leave them out or change the order.


The important thing is just that you give all involved the opportunity to express their opinions about the project.


In this connection, the answers of the students and teachers should ultimately go to the dance mediators and the answers of the dance mediators should go to the teachers.

Summing Up

This survey form for project evaluation is intended for students, teachers and dance mediators. It provides each individual with the possibility to think back on the progression of the project one last time and name successful or disappointing moments. Sharing the completed questionnaires among all those involved also gives feedback about how each participant perceived and appreciated the project. Finally, as a dance mediator, you can also evaluate the project one more time as a whole by taking all of the answers into consideration.


Did you enjoy the dance project? What was particularly good about it?

What didn’t you like?

Working Together

Did you all get along with one another well in the project?

What could have gone better?

Did you have the feeling that the others take you seriously when it comes to your opinions and observations?

Future Perspectives

If there were a new dance project: What would you do differently?

What would you do exactly the same again in your next dance project?