reflecting Self-Evaluation

Create a questionnaire for your students with a maximum of five to seven questions and see how they respond to it.


You can also develop your own questions, for example in order to have students reflect on a specific topic where you’d like to have feedback. Filling out the questionnaires should take roughly five minutes and you can use them in class as often as you like.


The crucial thing is that you remember to refer back to the questionnaires again at a later point in time, for instance in a brief review where you discuss them together as a group or in the scope of individual conversations.


The self-evaluation survey for students serves two purposes essentially. On one hand it encourages students to assess their own performance and reflect on their behaviour. On the other, as a dance mediator reviewing the surveys you get feedback as to how the project is being received by individual students and get to know them better in the process.

Questions about co-operation

Did I listen closely to others?

Was it easy for me to work with other people?

Did I take suggestions from others?

Did others take my suggestions?

Questions about social interaction

Did I follow the class rules?

Did I hit, kick, shove or curse at anyone, or anything like that?

Am I satisfied with my behaviour?

Was I able to concentrate well?

Questions about motivation and fun

Did I have fun dancing? What did I like best?

Am I looking forward to the next dance class?

Is it a good feeling to push myself physically? What did I push myself for?

Questions about content of the dance lessons

Was it easy for me to copy the movements?

Was it easy for me to come up with my own movements?

What did the group think about my ideas for movements?

Did I experience or learn something new?

Was it easy for me to improvise?

If not: Why was it difficult for me?

What ideas do I have about our dance piece?

Miscellaneous questions

What do I want for myself when it comes to dance class?

Is there anything that bothers me?

What things do I like about dance class?

Other things I’d like to share: