getting interested Gaming

7th – 9th grade


45 minutes


In video games, dances are expressions of self-confidence and strength and carry positive associations as such. They can serve as a jumping off point to help students get acclimated in the first phase of a dance project – they can imitate movement sequences drawn from video games and draw inspiration for creating their own dances.


Emotes are an important component in video games – the little faces or animations serve to communicate feelings, moods and actions and can be sent as messages via click or shortcut. In the video game “Fortnite” for instance, there are roughly 70 different gestures and dances. The latter are typically war or victory dances that are meant to impress opponents and which are popular among athletes, pop stars and school children.


  • Which dances or gestures do you know from computer games?
  • Do you know who created these dances?
  • What do these dances say to you, what moods and attitudes do they communicate?
  • What do you think is cool about the dances?