getting interested „Safet’s Dream“

7th - 9th grade

“Safet’s Dream” (film)

60 minutes


Safet’s story shows how dance can become a form of personal expression, thus also offering others an opportunity to identify with his path.

Context: story of the film?

The young Roma Safet is Muslim, he attends a secondary modern school and is crazy about breakdancing. By chance, he is invited to take part in a casting session for a dance piece by Pina Bausch, where he is promptly chosen to perform. Fighting against the prejudices and resistance of his brothers (“Ballet is for girls”), Safet realises his dream of becoming a dancer, studying contemporary dance at Essen’s Folkwang­ University of the Arts.


  • What sorts of obstacles did Safet have to overcome?
  • What impressed you about Safet?
  • How did his family’s attitude towards dance change?
  • What do you think about ballet?
  • Can you describe how Safet moves?